Big Chop $60 and up
Baby Twists (hair included) $275 and up
Children's Services (under 12) $40 and up
Cornrows (added hair, hair included) $95 and up
Cornrows (own hair) $65 and up
Cornrows w/ Curlique $175 and up
Cornrows w/ Rods $90 and up
Cornrows w/ Twist (added hair) $150 and up
Cornrows w/ Twist (own hair) $90 and up
Crochet Weave (hair included) $200 and up
Curlique (twist w/ curly hair, hair included) $250 and up
Flat Twists w/ Rods $90 and up
Flatiron $50 and up
Havanna Twists (hair not included) $175 and up
Loc Extensions Consultation Required for Pricing
Loc Grooming $65 and up
Natural Hair Styling $50 and up
Naturalizer $50 and up
Roller Set $40 and up
Starter Locs $75 and up
Straw or Rod Set $65 and up
Take out or Excessive Detangling (15 mins or more) $25/hour/stylist
Trim & Cut $40 and up
Textured Twist (hair included) $275 and up
Twist Out $65 and up (wet)
$80 and up (dry)
Twist Out w/ Rods $100 and up (wet)
$115 and up (dry)
Twist Out w/ Rods Out $125 and up (wet)
$140 and up (dry)
Two Strand Twist $90 and up (wet)
$105 and up (dry)

Herbal Steam Treatment $25 and up
Herbal Rinse $20 and up
Deep Conditioning $25 and up
Protein Treatment $25 and up
Scalp Massage Included
Hair Moisturization Included

Consultations are up to 1 Hour and include the following:
Comprehensive Questionaire
Detail discussion of client questionnaire and hair care goals
Review of styling options
Product Prescription, Hair Care Regimen, and Style Recommendation
Please note: If you think you will need more than an hour, we ask that you schedule accordingly.
Consultations $25 per 1/2 hr.
If you schedule an appointment or purchase products, 10% of your consultation fee will be used towards your appointment or products purchased.



All services are scheduled by appointment ONLY.

Please call at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule your appointment.

All deposits will be forfeited for any cancellations or appointments rescheduled thereafter.

We accept Visa / Mastercard

Please note: There is a 3% Service Charge for all debit and credit card purchases.